Christine Sparks

Christine Sparks was born and raised in Port Alberni, British Columbia. While being surrounded by the natural beauty of Vancouver Island, Christine began to explore her artistic abilities by the age of 4, while on outings with her grandparents.
In her early years, she drew mostly people and dogs.  Throughout her teens, she concentrated on drawing mainly people, while her Grandma would critique her, art which improved her creativity. In high school, her teacher in Grade 10 Art said she was above her peers and offered to teach her new techniques.
Christine enjoys making people happy with her art when she captures a family pet or a flower that resembled something to them. Since she started painting only 4 years ago, she has learned a lot during her progression with her art.
Today, Christine is motivated to do her artwork in front of her two children to show them when you enjoy and are passionate about what you do, you will continue with what you enjoy. Christine lives and works on Vancouver Island selling her art and working as an educator with children.