Cynthia Bonesky

Cynthia Bonesky had an interest in art from an early age. Crayons paints and pencils were a sure way to pass an afternoon, but she didn’t have a chance to translate that interest into a career in art until later in life. After she moved to Sproat Lake and the children left home, she had time to take up painting and drawing once again. She joined the Federation of Canadian Artists, eventually becoming an associate member, and she took every workshop she could find. She began painting in watercolour with a focus on portraits and started to do some commission work. She later tried acrylics and then moved to oils which is her preferred medium today. She is still interested in portraits but also does flowers, still life and landscapes. She has had many shows, both solo and group shows, and has taught classes in painting and drawing. Today, she divides her time between painting and gardening with some time left over for the grandchildren.