Faye Hoffman

Faye is an oil painter whose heart is most alive while charcoal drawing.  She attended Emily Carr College of Art and Design (as it was known in those days) and Nova Scotia College of Art.  Her strongest influence came from her time in Colorado and New Mexico and the artists of the southwest.  These days she is settling into her home-based studio, enjoying retired life, and painting en plein air.

Faye’s goal is to bring the viewer into a scene or object and inspire them to look more closely and respond emotionally at the moments, objects, people, and places depicted to discover something about themselves.  She aims to portray a sense of tension between the beautiful and graceful qualities of art; light, line, shape and colour, and the rough and crude potential of those same elements.  These are the intersections of where Faye wants her work to be.

For more information, visit fayehoffman.ca or fhoffman@shaw.ca