Hilda Earl

Creative pursuit’s have always been apart of Hilda’s life, but it was only after retirement that she began her true journey as an Artist. She is self-taught, strengthening her practice by course and workshops with professional Artists; and seeking out web-based instruction. She also has the benefit of on going support and mentorship from her agent in Burns Lake.  Hilda is a mixed media painter, working in oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, and ink on stretched canvas, paper, and other supports. Her work has evolved from landscapes to include still life, portraits, abstract work, and images that tell a story from her own imagination. She works in studio and plain air.

From 2015 – 2019 Hilda was on a board of directors for the Lakes District Art Counsel. As part of her role the organization she worked with two other members to develop and implement the scholarship program, which awarded an annual prize of $1000.00 to a graduating student going onto post secondary training in the arts.  Hilda has exhibited her work solo exhibit at an LDAC Concert and with other Artists at the small gallery in The Lakes District Museum.  Raised in Port Alberni, she now resides in Burns Lake, B.C.