Randy Doid Smith

Some have called him a Renaissance man, as Doid has been creating art since he was knee high to a grasshopper. Taking as many art classes in high school as he could sparked a life long quest to experiment in all forms of artistic expression. Painting, block printing, pin-stripping, sculpting, wood carving, metal fabrication, costume design, cardboard art, performance art, writing, horror film making/ directing/ acting/ special effects creator, poetry, installation pieces, custom motorcycle building, custom car building and photography are just to name a few. Everything since high school has been mostly self taught or learned from other master artists. Living for 23 years in Whistler, BC and spending time with legendary artists like Dave Petko, Chili Thom, Arne Guttman, Taka Sudo, PHRESHA, The incredible Amoeba and Andrea Mueller has its benefits. Organizing group art shows with Blind Mute productions, The Weirdos, The jettisons and the Whistler Arts council have made many great artist friends for Doid over the past 25 years and has shown his work in over 35 shows since 2008.