Rose Kamma-Morrison

Since 2010 I have been in many art shows throughout BC – Sooke, Vancouver, Cowichan Valley (People Choice award 2021),  New Brunswick, California, and Chicago (Judy Jasek award) with many hanging on the walls all over the world.

I studied art throughout my school and college years here in Port Alberni, exploring watercolors as my main practice. With diminishing vision, many forms of art have changed, from realism to abstract.  This gives me the opportunity to try new genres and techniques by using different mediums.

This is what I love about art – it is liberating to create new adaptations, a challenge I love to experiment with, such as tactile art and ink.

Most pieces now are alcohol ink, its versatility allows me to use it as the main medium, or mix it with acrylic paint and/or metallic powder.  Alcohol ink has its challenges as it truly forms its own design. I blow through a straw or use various tools to manipulate the movement of the inks for my final design.  I use alcohol isopropyl to gain negative spaces, shapes and lines where my creation takes form.  It is quite a fascinating process.  Once dried, I may add acrylic paint, texture or metallic powders to enhance the pieces.  Other than canvas I also use tile or Giclée as the final presentation.

My future project will be teaching art adaptation in the US for those who have vision loss that want to start or continue their artistic journey.


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