Sue Thomas

In 2004, Sue Thomas was inspired to try oil painting after briefly dabbling in watercolour and acrylic. She loved the medium’s blending capability, the expanse of colours, and its own visual language. As well as 2D painting, Sue also makes pottery.

Coerced by the rich tapestry of the Alberni Valley, Sue relocated here in 2015 and has since connected with Draw Gallery’s Life Drawing, Paint-Out days, the Wednesday Painters Group and the local Art scene.

Sue’s work is always evolving. The goal is to paint looser, and have many canvases on the go at the same time. She hopes to express the love for the subject while focusing on strong compositional shapes. Gravitating to a style somewhere between Realism, Impressionism and their various combinations, Sue’s current inspirations are the non traditional use of colour, the use of light and shadow, as well as (fade to black) diminishing light to isolate and emphasize.

Locally Sue has shown her work at Rollin Art Centre, Draw Gallery, Solda’s, Alberni Golf Course and Serious Coffee.

Contact Information for Sue Thomas

Phone: +1-604-880-3023