Crafty Critters Summer Camps

Crafty Critters Summer Camp at the Grove Gallery!

Join us for either a Monday – Thursday Crafty Critters Summer Camp or a special Friday Art Explorers Camp.

Classes are for ages 7 – 13, but we will make exceptions based on class size and the child. 

For the full schedule and to book online, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Our “Crafty Critters” camp runs from Monday to Thursday each week, offering a dynamic four-day experience where children explore a range of crafts and activities themed around textiles, light and shadow, natural sciences, and body movement. Each day presents a new adventure, from creating tie-dye tees to participating in an artistic parade along the Quay.

On Fridays, we shift gears with our “Friday Art Explorers Camp” a special half-day session that immerses campers in the world of famous artists. Here, children spend three hours exploring and creating unique crafts inspired by the styles and techniques of renowned artists, with each week featuring a different artistic influence. Both camps provide children with the opportunity to learn, create, and bring home their handmade treasures, making summer not just fun but also enriching and educational.


Crafty Critters Camp

Monday – Thursday 930AM – 330PM (6hrs)

Price: $174.00 | Aged 7 – 13

“Crafty Critters” is a vibrant and engaging summer camp designed to ignite creativity and curiosity among children through a series of themed activities. Spanning four fun-filled days, this camp combines crafts, education, and physical activities in an environment that encourages exploration and learning.

Day 1: Thrilling Threads
Kick off the camp with hands-on textile projects. Children will receive their very own “Crafty Critters” summer camp t-shirt, and tie-dye it for their week at camp. They will also learn the basics of weaving and textiles, crafting their own unique fabric creations. 

Day 2: Illuminate your Imagination
Explore the artistic potential of light and shadow through various projects. Campers will paint intricate shadow scenes, craft beautiful shapes and silhouettes with tea lights, and assemble enchanting paper lanterns.

Day 3: Wild Wonders
Dive into the natural world with a day dedicated to the flora and fauna that live at the Harbour Quay. Activities include learning about various living creatures and ecosystems, followed by drawing and painting sessions where campers bring their new knowledge to life.

Day 4: Motion Magic
The camp culminates in a celebration of movement and community. Children will create their own puppets and learn about the art of puppetry and motion. The grand finale is a festive parade along the Quay, showcasing their creations and newfound skills.

“Crafty Critters” summer camp is the perfect place for young minds to explore their artistic talents and learn about the world around them in a supportive, dynamic setting.

Friday Art Explorers Camp

Fridays 930AM – 1230PM (3hrs)

Price: $40 | Ages 7 – 13

Join us for a thrilling Friday adventure at the Friday Art Explorers Camp, a unique half-day summer experience designed for children to dive into the world of famous artists and their masterpieces. Each Friday, campers will embark on a creative journey lasting three hours, where they will explore different artistic styles and techniques inspired by renowned artists from around the world.